Forget the so called 'man shortage'. Don't buy into the beat-up.
Forget the so called 'man shortage'. Don't buy into the beat-up.

Man shortage? They’re out there

I'M TIRED of all this "man shortage" crap. A gay guy told me the other day that, where I lived, there were seven women to every man. "How do you manage?" he said.

How does he know? I wondered. And why did he care? He's playing for the other team. My sister even has a theory that all the good men were snapped up in their 20s and all that are left now are the rejected models. To get a good man you'll have to wait for someone to die, she says.

I think all of this is an anti-feminist plot, perpetrated by men, women and the media, to keep women in a position of powerless desperation and to set women against one another, if indeed a man is worth fighting over.

Let's be real. If you are looking for a partner, you only need one man. One. I feel certain that despite the scare tactics you can find a single, genuine entity. After all, you don't have to look for a partner only where you live. This is the digital age, so try the whole country or overseas.

And here's some good news for women who do actually want a man 'til death us do us part or whatever - many others are deciding they can do without one. Now that has to plump numbers up.

Additionally, you can reverse the man shortage phenomenon. All the women who wanted to get married and have children probably did so in their 20s. So what's left now are women with little desire to say "I do" who can't really be counted in the number of "excess" women.

If you are an older woman who truly believes you are faced with a man shortage, go younger. Yes, older men still seem to want someone 10 years their junior. But younger men are increasingly interested in the cougar. If it's good enough for Madonna, why not.

The correct way to work out if someone is too young for you is to divide your own age by two and add seven.

Anything over that is reasonable. If you are a woman and find this difficult to swallow, just think like a man would. There's plenty of examples nationally, and internationally, of men partnered with women half their age.

Of course there are decent men - and women - out there of every age, looking for love, intimacy, companionship or just sex.

Just make sure you do the civilities up front. Are you looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, not just a hood ornament? Does this person want children, a relationship, dating, friendship, or just someone to listen to their stuff?

The point is, if you're going to go to all this trouble, get someone who appreciates you and your needs, wants and dreams.

Don't be discouraged by the cynical, often married onlooker who says it's impossible to find Mr or Ms Right out there, or the bitter older woman who constantly decries the lack of men.

Don't dwell in the supposed statistics that point to a shortage of that special object, a man, much as they would an endangered species.

Have a passion. Love your life. Date whoever you please. Don't buy into media beat-ups.

There are men out there who love women and who want to love a woman. You only need one.

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