ROUGH START: Baby Lilith was born about 16 weeks premature
ROUGH START: Baby Lilith was born about 16 weeks premature

This baby was born too early and needs your help

ON APRIL 24, baby Lilith was born about 16 weeks early and weighing just 740grams.

So for the three months her mum Sarah Baltus, who lives in Wondai with her partner Kyle, will spend her days waiting by Lilith's bedside at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

"I'm staying currently with the Reg Leonard House, which is connected to the Mater Hospital," Ms Baltus said.

Baby Lilith is Ms Baltus' first child and she said it had been a difficult week.

She spends her days between the accommodation and Lilith's bedside.

"I walk back and forth to take milk up and spend half an hour with her," Ms Baltus said.

"Then I try and go back and get some sleep,"

At the moment baby Lilith is too small to pick up as she still has tubes supplying oxygen and nutrients through her umbilical cord.

"All we can really do at this stage is rest our hands on her," Ms Baltus said.

She is hoping to pick Lilith up in the next few days but at the moment it's still very much touch and go.

"They're aiming for Monday morning but she's lost a bit of weight over the last few days and we might leave it for a bit longer," she said.

During this time Lilith's dad Kyle has to return to Wondai to work.

"He'll come every second weekend to visit," Ms Baltus said.

The early birth marks the end of a difficult pregnancy for Ms Baltus, who had to stop working after earlier complications.

"I do jillarooing and I can't be out in the middle of a paddock with that," she said.

"Before I was pregnant I was working on a piggery in Kingaroy but most of my jillarooing I've been doing up around Rockhampton."

With the expenses and stress of living between the two towns, Lilith's grandmother has set up a Gofundme campaign. The page has raised $200 of a $1000 goal.


It can found here.

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