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Forget police dogs, this force has a police guinea pig

WE'VE all heard of police dogs.

But there is one police force with a different animal in its ranks.

Introducing Constable Elliott, New Zealand Police's guinea pig mascot.

Elliott made his debut working the keyboard in a photo on the New Zealand Police Facebook page in mid-April.

But it is this photo of Elliott that received international attention.

This humble little guinea pig is now famous.

But according to the police unit, Elliott is just doing what Elliott loves: eating.

"[He] loves going on trips to explore food supplies, which is what he was doing yesterday," the police unit said in a comment on this post.

They said Elliott is a "well cared for family pet" of one of their media team members and loves being "patted and carried and can spend a while being cuddled on laps".

Too cute.

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