Tiahleigh Palmer's foster brother bashed in prison twice

THE man who has been arrested for allegedly having sex with his 12-year-old foster sister has been bashed twice in jail, with inmates yelling "pretty boy" and "kill him" as attackers were cheered on. 

The Courier Mail reported Trent Thorburn  has been in police custody since Tuesday after being arrested, along with his father, mother and brother, over the death of Tiahleigh Palmer last October. 

Trent Thorburn
Trent Thorburn Instagram


His father Rick Thorburn, who is Tiahleigh's foster father, has been accused of murdering her after finding his son had been having sex with the girl in the family's Chambers Flat home.

Police will allege Rick Thorburn killed Tiahleigh out of fear Trent would go to jail.

The Courier-Mail has revealed an ambulance was called to Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre on Sunday afternoon after one of Thorburn's attackers was injured in a fight with guards.

It is understood inmates at the prison have been targeting Thorburn, calling him "little pretty boy", and encouraging each other to bash him.

He was attacked twice on Sunday, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

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