Tight security as man pleads guilty to stabbing prison guard

A HIGH risk prisoner serving an indefinite jail term for murdering two fellow inmates has come before court again for throwing urine on and stabbing a jail guard.

Security was tight in the Brisbane District Court on Wednesday morning where Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre inmate Jason John Nixon, surrounded by six Corrective Service officers, was sentenced.

Nixon plead guilty to unlawful wounding and serious assault.

One Corrective Service officer stood outside the court door while undercover officers kept watch from the public gallery.

Usually only two Corrective Services officers accompany defendants.

The heightened security is a reflection of Nixon's appalling criminal record, including two jail murder convictions, and spending most of his adult life behind bars.

In his most recent offending, Nixon stabbed a Corrective Services officer in the maximum security unit of the Wacol prison with a razor blade.

The court heard the officer sustained a 20 cm gash and required 12 stitches following the attack on June 13, 2012.

Judge Terence Martin said without intervention, the officer's injures could have been worse.

Two days later on June 15 last year, 42-year-old Nixon filled up two cups of urine and threw them at another prison officer and nurse trying to give him medication.

Crown prosecutor Michael Lehane said the urine went over the officer's arm and shirt.

He said the "revolting and vile" assault was wholly unprovoked.

Both the stabbing and urine-throwing were captured on CCTV.

Defence barrister Julian Noud said Nixon had spent 15 years in the jail's maximum security unit.

Judge Martin said Nixon had an appalling history of violence and continued to be a danger to others.

The court heard Nixon had only been out of jail for 18 weeks - including time on the run - of his adult life.

In 1993 he murdered fellow inmate Bart Vosmaer in a Brisbane jail.

Four years later he joined four other prisoners - including Postcard Bandit Brenden Abbott - to break out of jail.

He was handed an indefinite jail term in 2004 when he was found guilty of murdering fellow maximum security unit inmate Mark Walter Day a year prior.

Nixon assaulted Mr Day before standing on his throat for about 10 minutes before a guard came across the brutal scene.

Mr Day had also murdered two prisoners before his death.

Judge Martin said Nixon's most recent convictions would play a part in his indefinite jail term review in 2034-2035.

He sentenced Nixon to three and half years in jail for the attacks.

Shuffling out of the dock with his feet cuffed, Nixon gave the thumbs up to family in the court and thanked them for coming.

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