WATCH OUT: Ella Winfield, will be one of the entrants competing in the Warwick Rodeo Tiny Tots Quest this week.
WATCH OUT: Ella Winfield, will be one of the entrants competing in the Warwick Rodeo Tiny Tots Quest this week. Contributed

Tiny Tot entrant ready to melt hearts at Warwick Rodeo

KILLARNEY State School student Ella Winfield might not have a horse of her own but that hasn't stopped her from entering into the Warwick Rodeo Queen Quest Tiny Tots competition.

With some help from family friend Stacey Mehrgan, young Ella has been learning how to ride with her partner in the tiny tots competition, Junior.

Ella said learning how to ride had been a lot of fun, but Junior the horse had some quirky behaviour.

"He thinks that I weigh too much," Ella said.

"But I'm actually not that heavy.

"He's a bit funny sometimes but I have fun learning."

Mother Sara hopes the tiny tots competition will be a chance for Ella to show just how outgoing she is for such a young girl.

"She's really confident and has no problem talking to people," Sara Winfield said.

"I think the things the girls learn as part of the training is really good for any young girl to learn, things like how to dress nicely, do their hair, talk to other people and just give them confidence."

At just five-years-old Ella might be the youngest girl in the competition but that doesn't faze her at all.

"I'm looking forward to it," Ella said.

"I like wearing the outfit. My favourite is the shirt.

"I kept dropping my sash in the grass so we had to put a safety pin in it to keep it off the ground."

Ella has been fundraising for the event by selling chocolates.

Melody Hemple from Melody's Hair Studio in Killarney helped Ella sell her chocolates from her studio in Killarney.

As part of the tiny tots competition the entrants will be quizzed by a panel of judges.

Having moved to Killarney from Sydney 15 years ago Sara Winfield said growing up in the country had helped Ella become a confident talker.

"I think growing up in the country you get used to talking to a lot of people," Sara said.

"In the city you just don't get that as much. It's great for the kids growing up."

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