Mason Jet Lee
Mason Jet Lee

Toddler Mason Lee's torment revealed in court documents

COURT documents have revealed more horrifying details of the injuries suffered by Caboolture toddler Mason Lee.

A police affidavit handed to the court - obtained by News Corp - reveals the little boy lived a short and tragic life of untreated broken bones, neglect and abuse.

Before he was declared dead by paramedics, Mason Lee's scarred and bruised body, clad in nothing but a vomit and faeces stained singlet, lay on a stretcher

"His belly was bloated and massively swollen. His skin glazed and waxy. His face red and puffy. A bruise surrounded his left eye,'' the Courier-Mail reported.

"Under his singlet, his abdomen was bruised and scarred. More scars and bruises showed on his arms and legs."

Police investigators will allege Mason's mother did nothing to stop the abuse, rarely kept medical appointments for her son and claimed she knew nothing about the illness that killed him.

Ann-Maree Lee, her boyfriend William Andrew O'Sullivan, and 17-year-old Ryan Hodson have all been charged with Mason's manslaughter.

Mason died slowly from internal injuries.

At the time of his death, the 21-month-old toddler was living in a Caboolture South house with O'Sullivan, Hodson and two of O'Sullivan's children.

Mason's mother lived several streets away with her four other children.

Mason Lee's tragic stories has sparked investigations into why he was returned to his home as well as protests.

Earlier in court, Mr Hodson wept while the prosecutor listed the injuries Mason sustained in the final days of his life.

The court heard police evidence included text communication between Mr Hodson, Ms Lee and Mr O'Sullivan for the week prior to Mason's death that indicated an awareness of the toddler's deteriorating health.

"Hodson was advised during the texts that he was to arrange for a doctor or hospital and he stated in the response to the texts ... it was not his responsibility: the victim was not his child," Sergeant Murray said.

"Some may see Mr Hodson as a young individual, a 17-year-old residing in the house, not in a position of power ... and perhaps taken one of a passive bystander.

"My submission is that it would be impossible for any person living in that environment, regardless of their age, to be not to be cognisant as ... the existence of those injuries ... and the extent of those injuries.

"He showed no care or compassion towards the child."

The court also heard that Mr Hodson was allegedly captured on CCTV verbally abusing Mason three times before he died.

"You walk like a spastic. Hurry up and grab your f***ing bottle and shut up c*** or I'm going to hit you in the head," Sergeant Murray said, quoting the alleged footage.

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