Toowoomba is cold.
Toowoomba is cold.

Toowoomba freezes as temperatures plummet below zero

WELCOME to the coldest day of the year so far, where temperatures in Toowoomba have dropped below zero.

Today was predicted to be 2018's coldest day for many parts of Queensland, and the prediction has proved correct.

At 6am Toowoomba's temperature was recorded at 0.6 degrees, but with wind gusts of 19kmh the apparent temperature was -5 degrees.

The weather station at Wellcamp Airport recorded an even colder temperature with -1.7 degrees at 6am, with an apparent temperature of -6.1 degrees.

The rest of the day is not set to be much warmer with Higgins Storm Chasing saying although temperatures are set to rise to above 10 degrees, due to the wind chill factor it will feel like less than five degrees all day.

Winds are set to reach up to 45kmh, with similar winds tomorrow.

It is due to a high and low pressure system in the Tasman Sea which has caused a strong pressure gradient and gusty winds. It will also bring widespread frosts across the state.

BoM meteorologist Jim Richardson said temperatures were well below the June minimum average of eight degrees.

"The pressure systems are bringing a cool, dry airmass throughout a lot of Queensland, including Toowoomba," he said.

"It is pushing further north so towards the end of the week it will warm up a bit, with it being a gradual increase in temperature."

Tomorrow is set to be between four and 15 degrees, but with high winds the apparent temperature may drop below zero again.

Prior to today, the coldest day this year for Toowoomba was on the first day of winter, June 1, when the minimum was recorded at four degrees.


Toowoomba 0.6 degrees but feels like - 4 degrees

Wellcamp Airport -1.7 degrees but feels like - 6 degrees

Dalby -1.7 degrees but feels like - 6.8 degrees

Oakey -4.8 degrees but feels like - 8.9 degrees

Applethorpe 3.4 degrees but feels like - 2.5 degrees

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