TOOWOOMBA man Barend van Wyk is facing a painful recovery - physically and emotionally - after a callous hit-and-run ordeal.

The 29-year-old mechanic was walking across Hume St when a Holden Commodore V8 raced through the roundabout at Alderley St, clipping Mr van Wyk with such force it launched him over the bonnet, shattering the windscreen.

Nursing broken ribs and shattered collarbone, Mr van Wyk scrambled to safety as the driver of the white car fled the scene.

"He was already doing a burn-out up the street," Mr van Wyk said.

"All of a sudden he was there, he was coming straight at me."

Police have launched a public appeal for any witnesses to the incident which happened on the unusually quiet road about 4pm last Wednesday.

Mr van Wyk was able to note a few details of the car including the fact it had "deep dish" wheels, primer paint on the roof and an exhaust pipe which had become unhinged at the rear.

The offence shocked Mr van Wyk and his partner Ainsley Cooper, 23. They have turned to social media in an effort to identify the driver who fled the scene.

"He didn't slow down or stop (and) I could see he was a young bloke but that was about it," Mr van Wyk said.

His injuries are extensive and painful, stripping him of his ability to work while his collarbone and ribs heal.

"I'm a mechanic. I use my whole body and that's my living," he said.

"I can't lift this arm."

CALLOUS: Barend van Wyk, with partner Ainsley Cooper, speaks out after a hit-and-run driver struck him.
CALLOUS: Barend van Wyk, with partner Ainsley Cooper, speaks out after a hit-and-run driver struck him. Kevin Farmer

The couple who lives in South Toowoomba told The Chronicle cars were often heard speeding along Hume St through roundabouts and intersections.

"At night times you can hear the cars going off there. It's like a Bathurst track," Mr van Wyk said.

"One (car) even ended up on our pavement from doing a skid.

"There's speeding every night, every morning."

Ms Cooper urged the driver to hand themselves in to police.

"We don't think it was intentional," she said.

"We know that whoever did this is sitting at home feeling guilty.

"He didn't hesitate whatsoever."

The couple made a public appeal for information about the hit-and-run which has since been revealed as one of two incidents in the city in the past week.

A small red hatchback is believed to have run a red light on Hume St headed south when it hit the rear of another car, at the intersection of Hume St, causing it to spin around about 7.50am on Saturday.

The driver of the car made no effort to stop.

Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Tony Rehn said while the two incidents were not connected they were concerning in the sense the drivers failed to stop.

Phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with any information.

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