Bar Wunder bar manager Phil Barford and Sam Fischle enjoy a mocktail at Bar Wunder.
Bar Wunder bar manager Phil Barford and Sam Fischle enjoy a mocktail at Bar Wunder.

Toowoomba non-drinker calls for more mocktails to bridge gap

A TOOWOOMBA woman is calling for establishments to bridge the gap between drinkers and non-drinkers.

Sam Fischle, who gave up alcohol earlier this year, wrote a letter to The Chronicle urging restaurants and bars to increase the options for non-drinkers.

"Being left with limited choices like soft drink, lemon lime and bitters or juice can make going out with other drinkers seem slightly less appealing," Ms Fischle said in the letter.

"Choosing not to drink shouldn't mean hibernating or feeling like you're missing out."

Ms Fischle said she felt the "best in years" after giving up alcohol.

I used to love drinking and a well-crafted cocktail was pretty much my favourite thing," she said.

"However, for health and other reasons I decided to stop. Initially I was just taking a break for a month however I quickly noticed some huge health benefits.

"But going out can be very boring to my cocktail spoilt palette."

Out of the eight venues Ms Fischle had visited recently, she said only two had a mocktail menu.

"Us non-drinkers still want to have a nice experience without the grog and sadly not a lot of venues cater to this and quite frankly, they are missing out on some great business," she said.

"I haven't been to every venue in Toowoomba but I have been to a few and very few of them cater well to non-drinkers."

Speaking to The Chronicle, Ms Fischle said mocktails meant more to non-drinkers than the great taste.

"Australia has a huge drinking culture," she said.

"If you are someone whose friends are all drinking, and you are trying to abstain, the drinkers often want you to join in with them because they are having a great time.

"Having something that looks like you're having a drink can help alleviate that as well and make you feel like you are joining in."

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