This wind turbine on the Strand in Townsville blew down in Cyclone Yasi.
This wind turbine on the Strand in Townsville blew down in Cyclone Yasi. Stephanie Bauer

Townsville 'dodged a bullet'

TOWNSVILLE residents have woken to a sea of destruction this morning after Cyclone Yasi hit late last night.

Fallen tree's and powerlines littered the streets of Townsville and there is a feeling among many residents that Townsville "dodged a bullet".

Tully and Cardwell the worst-hit and Townsville fared well in comparison.

To date there have been no reports of death or serious injury and today many Townsville locals were just thankful they still had a home to live in.

Kirwan residents Brownwyn and James Bryant escaped unscathed.

"Our power went out about 1:15 in the morning and it's still off now," Ms Bryant said.

"During the night we kept hearing loud bangs and we weren't sure what was making the sounds."

Both Mr and Ms Bryant have received plenty of phone calls from family and friends Australia wide concerned for their safety.

"I'm very relieved that we didn't have any real damage to our home," she said.

However police warn that the worst is yet to come for Townsville with a king tide set to hit later today.

The Strand in some parts is already under water and it is expected to worsen with low lying area's in town to be hit the worst.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said Townsville residents should expect major flooding in the northern suburbs.

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