ALMOST 15,000 cars built between April 2012 and March 2015 are being recalled by Toyota amid fears that they could lose power steering

The car maker's flagship sports car -- the Toyota 86 -- is at risk of losing power steering during to wiring issues that risk causing an "electrical contact failure" which would force drivers to "manual steering".

If this happens, a warning light shows on the instrument panel and an audible warning is given to the driver.

Toyota is attempting to replace the control unit on all affected vehicles.

A Toyota 86 in action. The car maker is now recalling 15,000 models built between 2012 and 2015.
A Toyota 86 in action. The car maker is now recalling 15,000 models built between 2012 and 2015.

The recall will affect any 86 driver whose car is equipped with a driver's knee airbag.

According to the car market, the parts should arrive at dealerships from late September.

"A letter will then be sent by registered mail to all impacted owners to request that they make an appointment at their preferred Toyota dealer.

TGM100413 TOYOTA 86 PIC 4 Photo Contributed
TGM100413 TOYOTA 86 PIC 4 Photo Contributed Contributed

"The repair work will take just over an hour and will be carried out free of charge.

"There have been 62 reports in Australia with no accidents or injuries reported as a result of this condition.

For those affected, contact Toyota on 1800 987 366.

The company has also supplied a list of questions and answers for those who may be worried about their car.


What is the condition?

The subject vehicles are equipped with electric power steering (EPS).

During normal driving operation, the EPS rotation angle sensor terminals may wear over time. This wear of the connector terminal plating accumulates in debris which may oxidise and become non-conductive.

Under this condition if the driver's knee contacts the knee airbag lower cover, the EPS wire harness routed behind the cover also moves significantly which allows the terminal to contact the debris resulting in electrical contact failure.

In this condition, the EPS ECU turns on the warning light and the steering assist is interrupted whilst manual steering is maintained.

The loss of power steering assist will increase the steering effort at low speeds which may increase the risk of an accident.

What is the function of the Electronic Power Steering?
The electric power steering system generates torque to assist steering effort through operation of the motor and reduction gear installed on the steering column shaft.

The power steering electronic control unit (ECU) determines direction and the amount of assistance required in accordance with vehicle speed and signals from sensors built into the steering column assembly.

Which and how many vehicles are involved?
There are 14,906 Toyota 86 vehicles involved in the Australian market.

Toyota 86
Toyota 86 Contributed

Are there any warnings that this condition has occurred?
There is no advance warnings prior to the occurrence of this condition. However, if the condition has occurred the vehicle illuminates the EPS warning light in the instrument cluster (see below image) along with a short audible warning.

What should a vehicle owner do if this condition occurs?

If the driver notices heavy steering or illumination of the EPS warning light in the instrument cluster, they should stop driving their vehicle and contact their nearest Toyota dealer for diagnosis and repair.

If the condition is related to this campaign, the appropriate repair will be performed free of charge to the vehicle owner.

What is Toyota going to do?

Toyota is currently preparing the necessary parts to remedy this condition. Once preparations are complete, Toyota will notify owners by mail at their last known address to make an appointment at any Toyota dealer to rectify their vehicle.

Toyota dealers will perform required rectification FREE OF CHARGE to the vehicle owner.

What does the remedy involve?
For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealers will replace the power steering ECU and EPS wire harness

How long will the repair take?
This repair will take just over one hour. Depending upon the dealer's work schedule, it may be necessary to make your vehicle available for a longer period of time.

Can vehicle owners continue to drive their vehicle?
Yes, this condition only impacts the power steering assistance, manual steering control is maintained.

What should an owner do?
Owners should contact their preferred Toyota dealer to arrange vehicle rectification at their earliest convenience.

Does this condition affect other Toyota/Lexus models?
This problem occurs only on 86 right hand models equipped with knee airbag.

Have there been any reports of accidents or injuries?
There have been no reports received of accidents or injuries relating to this condition.

Are there any other Toyota vehicles involved in this campaign in the Australian market?
No other Toyota models above are involved in this campaign.

What should I do know?
To ensure that we can contact you, your contact details can be updated by calling the Toyota recall campaign helpline on 1800 987 366.

Quote your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), we will then be able to contact you as soon as parts are available.

Where can I find my VIN?
The VIN number is located under the right hand front seat, on the manufacturer's label and on the top left of the body panel, as shown below.

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