IN 10 tragic seconds, Brisbane woman Iuliana Stevenson's life was changed forever when she was struck by a heavy duty loader during a horrific hit and run early yesterday.

Sickening footage shows 27-year-old Ms Stevenson - a former Sunnybank State High School student - crossing the road at Bowen Hills in Brisbane's inner city about 1am.

As she begins to cross the road, a pettibone - used for laying railway track - stops at a red light opposite her.

But as she begins to walk, the massive machine begins to turn left into her path before the devastating impact.

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EARLIER: FOOTAGE has shown the moment a Brisbane woman was run over in a shocking hit and run.

About 1am this morning, a CCTV camera from a nearby bar, shows the 27-year-old woman walk across Hamilton St at Bowen Hills, before being struck by a large pettibone turning the corner.

It can be seen in the video player above. Warning: graphic content

The driver of the large piece of machinery slows to a halt after the incident, but drives off after the arrival of another motorist.

Police have seized the pettibone, which is owned by Queensland Rail.

CCTV has captured the moment a woman is hit by a truck in Brisbane this morning.
CCTV has captured the moment a woman is hit by a truck in Brisbane this morning.

The woman is fighting for life.

A 58-year-old man has come forward to police and is assisting them.

The woman is in a critical condition with serious head injuries and has undergone emergency surgery.

Equipment pictured on the pettibone which police believe may be involved in the incident is used in the maintenance of railway lines.

In a statement, a QR CEO Nick Easy said: "This is a terrible incident and my thoughts are with the young woman and her family at this time.

"This is a police matter under investigation. Queensland Rail is doing everything possible to assist emergency services with their inquiries."

It is unclear if the person driving was a QR employee.

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