CHANGE OF PACE: Lynne Czender and her husband George work as home tutors for four Capricornia School of Distance Education students.
CHANGE OF PACE: Lynne Czender and her husband George work as home tutors for four Capricornia School of Distance Education students. Rebekah Yelland

Tree change for teachers

LYNNE Czender swapped skyscrapers and the bright lights of city life for the outback with a night sky bursting with stars when she and her husband George moved to Queensland to become home tutors.

And despite the dramatic change in landscape, the couple have found they enjoy life in the country.

Lynne and George were teachers based in Sydney until 18 months ago when Lynne had to retire due to a medical condition, but as Lynne couldn't give up her passion they decided to become home tutors.

"We've lived in Sydney all our lives, we left there in June 2014 to go to a station in channel country, south west Queensland," she said.

"We moved there as a home tutor or govies... it was a big decision because the money is not good."

The couple's first experience as home tutors saw them based on 2.3million acre cattle station; 320km west of Thargomindah which Lynne said was a big change.

"People are so friendly, each time we've gone home we've noticed it more," she said.

"You walk down the street in places like Longreach people say hello and you don't need to know anyone, you go home to Sydney now and go hello and everyone walks with their heads down and headphones in."

This year sees the couple change location, moving to Islay Plains, just outside of Alpha with the Appleton family who has four girls.

"There is a shopping mall only two and a half hours from home, how wonderful is that," she said.

"Just being 450km to Rocky and the coast is just a bonus as we were 1300km from the coast before."

A normal school day for the girls, ranging from prep to Year 6, starts from 7.30am and finishes at 3.30pm.

"So instead of a five hour learning time, it's a six to seven hour learning time," Lynne said.

"I find it more challenging in that you have to get them on and off the air, you've got to work with curriculum that is different to what we're used to and you've got to fit it all into a day.

"A teacher does one lot of students in one grade, one lot of content whereas govies are working with up to four children in four different grades anywhere from prep to Year 6."

Lynne said families are desperate for more teachers to come west, citing the Teach Outback website for those interested.

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