Kerryn Hurae's Buderim home was smashed by a tree during last week's wild weather.
Kerryn Hurae's Buderim home was smashed by a tree during last week's wild weather. Kerryn Hurae

'I heard the crack and saw it fall, and screamed to her'

UPDATE: Jason Hurae was consumed by "sheer panic" as he raced to his back door, screaming as a falling tree crashed down towards the chair where his wife was sitting.

The Buderim father has described the moment a fully-grown tree smashed into his family's home during ferocious winds last Thursday afternoon that reached gusts of 107kmh.

Mr Hurae was still shaken yesterday, but relieved his wife Kerryn survived the ordeal by diving to the floor.

"She was sitting outside in the pergola area, and I was in the kitchen when it snapped," Mr Hurae said.

"I heard the crack and saw it fall, and screamed out to her.

"By the time I got to the door, it'd already hit the roof. My wife was lying face-down on the deck.

"She had to dive to save her own life."

The couple's children were also in the house during the storm.

Mr Hurae's nine-year-old daughter heard the crack, looked out her window and saw the tree falling.

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The tree, which Mr Hurae estimated to be 20-30m tall, crumpled the pergola roof and pool deck downstairs.

The house is a rental, and the owners have insurance.

The tree will be craned out of the property today, and the family has been able to keep living in the home.

"The house itself seems to be okay, we don't have any broken windows and things," Mr Hurae said.

It was ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie's last breath on the region that finally felled the tree about 5pm.

"It'd been blowing flat-out for two and a half days in one direction, then there was this massive gust of wind at the end of the storm, as it was just finishing, that blew it in a different direction, towards our house," Mr Hurae said.

EARLIER: A Buderim family has seen part of their home destroyed by a falling tree during last week's storms, but were lucky to escape injury.

The tree on Kerryn and Jason Hurae's Karawatha St property finally tumbled last Thursday during winds that reached gusts of 107kmh.

Mrs Hurae said the tree would finally be removed today. 

"The tree is so big they are going to have to get a crane in to remove the tree," she said.

SES officers warned residents early last week trees would be more likely to fall because long periods of dry weather had prompted roots to contract, leaving trees with reduced stability.

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