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Truck driver pleads not guilty for Tracy Morgan crash

THE Walmart truck driver charged with causing Tracy Morgan's car crash has pleaded not guilty.

Kevin Roper - who is facing one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto charges - appeared in Middlesex County Superior Court in New Jersey today (11.06.14) and denied being responsible for causing the six-vehicle pile up on the New Jersey Turnpike, which resulted in the '30 Rock' star being admitted to hospital in a critical condition and the death of comedian James McNair last Saturday (07.06.14).

The accused did not speak during the arraignment, according to NBC News.

Following the hearing, Roper was released on $50,000 bail.

In a criminal complaint, police alleged that Roper - who expressed his condolences to the victims on Twitter - had been awake for more than 24 hours when his truck slammed into the 45-year-old actor's limo bus.

Roper previously denied the accusations and tweeted: "First off i never said i was awake for 24 hours, not once did i say that to any law enforcement or media person.

"These are lies being spread because they are pressured to make an arrest as this accident was being covered 'NATIONALLY' because a famous person was involved. (sic)".

Tracy sustained a number of injuries, including a broken femur, a broken nose and broken ribs, and his spokesperson predicted his recovery would be "arduous," as he is expected to remain in the hospital for several weeks.

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