Truckies fighting back with footage

DANGEROUS: Mark Knotter shared his footage of a crash near the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in the group.
DANGEROUS: Mark Knotter shared his footage of a crash near the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in the group. Contributed

TWO truckies are on a mission to compile as many truck dash-cam videos as they can to show exactly what Australian truck drivers go through on the roads every day.

So they set up a Facebook group called Truck Dash-Cam Australia, encouraging the nation's truck drivers to post clips of close calls, near-misses and minor accidents.

"We thought it was important to get something going that was only truck based - with the other one (Dash Cam Owners Australia) the trucking stuff gets lost within all of the car filming and push bikes and all of that stuff," one of the group's administrators Pete Hughes (alongside Robyn Cooper-Radke) said.

"I just thought it was important to show what guys go through every day.

"We want to accumulate as many Australian dash-cam films as we can and maybe the authorities will stop hounding truckies and look at the other motorists, actually have a look at what is actually causing these close calls and prangs.

"Quite often it is impatience. I think one person won't back off and it's clear in a couple of the clips already posted to the group it's not always the car drivers and is clearly the truck driver but I think everyone has to learn to back off a little bit and let a vehicle in.

"Maybe the car (driver) needs to back off and tuck in behind the truck instead of trying to squeeze in front.

"It's common sense but these days common sense doesn't seem to apply to most out there."

The closed group was started in early February and has almost 500 members.


Mark Wearne's footage of a crash on the M4 was featured.
Mark Wearne's footage of a crash on the M4 was featured. Contributed

Mr Hughes, who is based in South Australia, also runs the Australian Trucking Memories Facebook page, said he had a reputation for being strict and he wouldn't allow for any nonsense.

He said anything that contradicted the rules would be removed immediately.

He said it was Ms Cooper- Radke who came up with the idea for the group and because he had a little more time on his hands, he was the one to put it into action.

Mr Hughes reflected on society's current use of dash cams, saying he wouldn't go anywhere these days without one.

"When I had my accident almost 20 years ago, there was no such thing as dash cams," he said.

"I didn't have any proof that the car that caused mine didn't stop, I didn't even have any proof that there was a car there."

He said he had one of his legs amputated in 2016 as a result of the crash.

Search for "Truck Dash-Cam Australia" on Facebook to request to join the group.

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