Donald Trump
Donald Trump

OPINION: Trump is the USA version of Pauline Hanson

I FEEL as though I must be dreaming. Could this Donald Trump they are talking about as the next possible President of the United States be the same egomaniac that has been strutting around the USA for the past 20 or so years?

I know that Americans can sometimes do outlandish things, but even this seems to be so far over the top it's impossible to believe.

It would be like having Colonel Sanders take up residence at the White House and open a drive-through Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on the front lawn.

We would never do anything as crazy as this here in Australia...or would we?

I seem to remember our own Donald Trump in the form of Pauline Hanson spruiking the same sort of diatribe some years ago here in Australia with her One Nation Party.

What did we do then?

Well just like Americans are falling for Trumpism as we fell for Hansonism and in the 1998 Qld elections we gave her party 22% or the vote and handed them 11 seats.

It was at a time when many Australians were frustrated with what was happening in this country and many voted for Hanson's team because she said exactly what they were thinking.

Yes, in nearly every case the facts proved the falsehood of her outlandish quotes.

Trump's current statements certainly have the same ring to them.

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