A wreck dive.
A wreck dive. SCUBA WORLD

Turkey boasts hundreds of shipwrecks to dive

A SUNSHINE Coast dive instructor will soon be packing his bags for an amazing trip to Turkey.

Mike McKinnon - a wreck-diving enthusiast - has been invited to explore the 100-year-old First World War shipwrecks off Gallipoli peninsular and Anzac Cove.

The trip will be an opportunity for Mike to dive the most popular and accessible war wrecks as well as check out the local businesses which offer dive charters to the historic wrecks.

The plan will then be for Mike to return to the Coast to educate divers about the diving on offer and gauge interest in leading a group tour to Turkey in the future.

There are hundreds of ships and boats lying on the sandy bottom.

Most wrecks are in depths ranging from 18 to 30m.

Visibility averages about 10 to 15m.

The most popular time of year to dive the wrecks in Turkey is in the northern hemisphere's warmer months of July and August.

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