Twenty bloody idiots last weekend

A high number of drink drivers were caught on Central Highlands’ roads at the weekend.
A high number of drink drivers were caught on Central Highlands’ roads at the weekend.

IN one staggering weekend - and that's before the majority of them got behind the wheel - 20 drink drivers were caught on Central Highlands' roads.

One Blackwater driver was caught at more than four-and-a-half times the legal blood alcohol limit at 0.225%.

Less than 30 minutes later he was caught driving again and this time recorded a BAC of 0.218%.

In Emerald the story wasn't much better with 10 drink driving-related court notices issued, the highest of which was a 50-year-old man who recorded a reading of 0.178%.

In Dysart another two drivers were caught, one of which was reported to police after the female driver crashed in the Dysart IGA carpark.

Queensland police regional traffic co-ordinator Acting Inspector Steve Hall said while the region's drink driving figures were "abnormal" for a typical weekend on the beat, there would be no immediate boost to enforcement.

"It is disappointing to see that many in such a short space of time," Act Insp Hall said. "It is a little bit significant but it may have been a result of increased traffic.

"If it were to continue we would have to look at introducing more patrols from the traffic support branch."

He said any force increases would supplement the regular and daily patrols performed by local police officers.

Despite the authorities' best efforts to curb the prevalence of drink driving through education on the fatal four - drink driving, speeding, seatbelts and fatigue - the message did not seem to be getting through, Act Insp Hall said.

"Across the last three years drink driving incidences haven't really increased, but they haven't decreased either," he said.

"The figures have been fairly stagnant. It's a little concerning."

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