Two dead in Bali explosion aboard 'Australian-made' boat

TWO women are dead after an explosion ripped through an Australian-made ferry shuttling passengers between islands in Bali on Thursday.

One of the women is a 28-year-old from Austria, who died after arriving in hospital in a critical condition.

Fairfax Media reports a further 18 on board sustained injuries, some horrific.

One woman is reported to have had her two feet "blasted off", while others had both legs broken.

The blast ripped through the ferry just after 9.30am local time outside the Padang Bai harbour in East Bali.

The ferry was travelling between there and the Gili islands at the time.

Karangasem police chief Sugeng Sudarso ruled out foul play, telling Fairfax: "This was a pure accident".

All 35 passengers on board were foreigners. 

There were no Australians on board, according to Mr Sudarso.

The crew and captain -- all Indonesian -- were uninjured.

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