UFO could land in Livingstone to provide youth with hangout

IT'S abbreviation is UFO, but it's not an unidentified floating object.

It's something much more useful that could make a huge difference to the way the youth engage with the community.

That's the reason Livingstone Shire Council's Nigel Hutton is determined to get a UFO, or Urban Fun Object up and running for the youth to use across the shire.

Cr Hutton said their last youth survey found there were six key needs identified by the local youth, which included an extension to skate parks, access to more events and entertainment, movies, a chance to have their say with a youth council, a waterpark and a space for them to hang out.

"We've been progressively ticking these off, with outcomes already achieved in the first five areas; our planning for a youth centre has been thoroughly investigated and is next off the rank," he said.

"They want something similar to Verbyl but the problem remains, a lot of these youths couldn't get there because they lived in other parts of the shire."

And so came the idea of a mobile youth centre, with plans to make the UFO transferable across a variety of events.

Urban Fun Object would look something like this
Urban Fun Object would look something like this Contributed

"So it would have a stage, wi-fi, speakers, bluetooth so they can play their own music, tables and chairs, and boxes of sport and craft equipment for example," Cr Hutton said.

"We could do partnerships with groups like Keppel Coast Arts to do workshops in different parts of the shire, so its use becomes all-encompassing for community groups and will allow to them to serve as well.

"It's got such potential and we want to make sure we're providing best value for all parts of the shire so it could be used at shows as an information centre for council, a youth activity trailer, a display for council at events.

"And because it will have a generator and wireless connection, it can also be used for emergency services as a hub for the community if any more natural disasters were to occur."

The next council budget has $120,000 in the forward works for the UFO's purchase and fit out, with the overall cost of the mobile centre between $150,000 to $200,000 Cr Hutton said. "I would love to be part of the next council to see the delivery of this exciting project for our shire's youth," he said.

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