Ultra-devoted Supermum hits the road on a health kick

Loving a new healthier lifestyle. Supermum. Photo Contributed
Loving a new healthier lifestyle. Supermum. Photo Contributed Contributed

My superman is back in training for an ultramarathon.

So what does a devoted wife do when he goes on a run?

I join him, of course.

Now I'm not known for my athletic prowess.

I'm not known for anything to do with fitness.

But I have been slowly changing my ways as my body has aged and shown a distinct lack of appreciation for the way I have been treating it.

For one thing, my junk food habits have come to an end.

And that is a major step for a person known to have a major sweet tooth.

It has been four months since I bought a block of chocolate .... well, if you don't count the occasional Toblerone .. but that doesn't really count does it?

At home we have swapped out cereal boxes for home-made muesli, trader white rice for brown and now spend twice as much time in the grocery store reading ingredients on the packet.

I admit I am struggling a little bit at the moment with the whole thing.

I have told my Superman I might have to skip doing the grocery shopping for the next month.

Well at least until Easter is over and those chocolate eggs are no longer on the shelves.

All this good eating I have been doing you would think I would notice some physical changes.

Well, I'm still waiting.

Now I'm hoping adding a bit of exercise might help a little bit more.

But when my Superman suggested I join him on his runs I was thinking more of a romantic stroll.

We did that a few times but it was not really helping him prepare for a 100km run.

I know I needed to step things up but I wasn't quite prepared to step up to the 10km's he does on an average after work run.

So I am proud to say the first time I joined him I did more than 10km.

I did 11.3 to be exact.

Some parts were a struggle, but I even managed to beat my Superman home.

Sure, he was on food and I was actually on a bicycle.

Isn't it the thought that counts?

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