Steve O'Donnell and Chantelle Ford celebrate their Block win.
Steve O'Donnell and Chantelle Ford celebrate their Block win. Martin Philbey

Underdogs Chantelle and Steve win The Block, set new record

THEY walked into The Block with absolutely no renovation experience, but Steve O'Donnell and Chantelle Ford have won the show's most successful season to date.

The Geelong couple earned $636,000 profit on their luxury Albert Park apartment tonight, taking home an additional $100,000 for beating the other three more experienced teams.

Twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser were the runners up with $616,000, still not a bad sum for 10 weeks of renovations and a fitting way for the sisters to celebrate their 30th birthday.

Mates Dale Vine and Brad Cranfield started things off with a bang as the first team of the night to break the show's record for the largest ever profit earned at auction with a handy $507,250.

"I can't believe it's happened twice," Cranfield said.

But their record was shattered within minutes by the Super Ks, who earned $567,250 profit above their reserve.

Kyal and Kara Demmrich were the viewer and bookie favourites going into tonight's auctions, but ended up coming third.

It's the most successful grand final for the show to date, with the four teams taking home more than $2.4 million combined.

Another series of The Block is already in production, currently filming in Prahran.


Brad and Dale: $1,830,000 - $27,250 = $1,802,750
Kara and Kyal: $1,900,000 -$27,250 = $1,872,750
Alisa and Lysandra: $1,775,000 - $16,000 = $1,759,000
Steve and Chantelle: $1,850,000 - $16,000 = $1,834,000



  1. Brad and Dale: $2,310,000 bid = $507,250 profit
  2. Kara and Kyal: $2,440,000 bid = $567,250 profit
  3. Alisa and Lysandra: $2,375,000 bid = $616,000 profit
  4. Steve and Chantelle: $2,470,000 bid = $636,000 profit

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