Kathy Kane and Brian Sansom address the Apexians and Muster sponsors on Saturday.
Kathy Kane and Brian Sansom address the Apexians and Muster sponsors on Saturday. Craig Warhurst

‘Until we meet again'

THE woman whose artwork helped make the Gympie Music Muster the experience it has been for a generation, graphic artist Kathy Kane, will be taking her computer and paint brush with her when she goes.

She and Muster co-ordinator Brian Sansom will be leaving (although not quite altogether) when they finish up with the Muster organisation towards the end of this year.

Muster chairman Carl Green was not alone in singing the couple's praises at the Saturday sponsors' function at the Muster.

He was joined by some of Kathy and Brian's other colleagues over the years, including Russell Sauer and Tony Nolan.

“They'll be sadly missed because of, obviously, their long involvement with the Muster,” Mr Green told The Gympie Times yesterday.

“We've all formed friendships with them over the time.

“We're still hoping to have contact with them, of course.

“We're hoping they will keep on being a help to us.

“We're not going to let them get away that easily.

“The knowledge those two have can't be allowed to be lost.

“We're not going to just let them escape.”

“Kathy is our graphic artist and she did all the ‘theme-ing' for the Muster,” Brian said yesterday.

“All the magic of the Muster as people walked around the site was her work.

“That included all the signs and the unique names of the venues, such as the Crowbar.

“That helped make the Muster stand out from a lot of other festivals, as far as the experience was concerned.

“She did all the publications and also gave the event a corporate look.

“We'll still be there until the end of the year though,” he said.

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