UPDATE: PokemonGo player saves car jack victim

UPDATE 2.30PM: ROCKHAMPTON Police have committed extra policing resources to help catch the offender who violently attacked a woman in an attempted car jacking on Monday night.

Rockhampton CIB Detective Sergeant Allison Williams said police were investigating the incident, in which a woman was dragged from her vehicle before being assaulted with a weapon.

“Investigations reveal that the female complainant was seated in her vehicle in the Campbell St area when she was approached by a female unknown to her,” Det Sgt Williams said.

“The female removed the complainant from her vehicle at which point she attempted to steal the vehicle however was unsuccessful.

“The female complainant attempted to run from the area at which point the female has approached her with an unknown implement and has struck her to the face and head area.

“ A passer-by has then intervened at which point the female has run from the area.

“All offences involving violence are of particular concern to police and we have put a large amount of policing resources towards this particular investigation and we will continue to do so until we have further information.”

Det Sgnt Williams labelled the passerby who stepped in, who the Bulletin understands was playing PokemonGo in the area, as a hero for his efforts.

“He was purely a passer-by and was quite heroic in his efforts to intervene,” Det Sgnt Williams said.

“That particular member of the public did offer a large amount of assistance to the female complainant and he is to be commended for his efforts.

“We are quite thankful and grateful for that passerby for what he did.”

With the attacker not yet in custody, Det Sgnt Williams reminded members of the public to be vigilant and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

“We are appealing for information from the public and we seek for members of the public with information to contact Rockhampton Police and CrimeStoppers with information,” she said.

UPDATE 1PM: POLICE have released a description of the woman who attacked a 48-year-old Rockhampton woman an attempted car jacking overnight.

The woman is described as being Caucasian in appearance, aged in her late 20s, approximately 160cm tall, of a medium build with shoulder length wavy hair and green eyes.

A police spokesperson said at around 7.15pm, the victim was sitting in her car on Campbell St when another woman, not known to her, opened her door and puller her from the vehicle.

The woman then attempted to start the vehicle but was unable to do so.

When the car owner attempted to look for help the other woman assaulted her with an unknown object.

The woman fled the scene after a member of the public intervened.

A victim was transported to Rockhampton Base Hospital for treatment of lacerations to her head and face.

Investigations are continuing.

INITIAL: POLICE are investigating reports of an attempted armed car jacking overnight, which hospitalised a Rockhampton woman.

A police spokesman confirmed police were called to Campbell St just after 7pm last night following reports of an assault.

The Morning Bulletin understands a 49-year-old woman was transported to Rockhampton Hospital with extensive injuries after she was attacked with what was described as a brick bolster.

The woman, who the Bulletin has chosen not to name, posted about the incident on Facebook in the early hours of this morning.

“This is what an attempted car jacking looks like. The person wasn't too happy my car wouldn't start after she let me and my keys go,” the woman posted.

“Thankfully I am on a Pokestop and a man coming to catch Pokemon saved me and called police etc.”

“(I have) four cuts in total. Six stitchs to the face, seven staples to right of my head (top), four staples to the left of head (top), one sterile strip to my right temple and I will also have some nice bruises tomorrow.”

“Thank you to (name removed) for coming to my rescue, sit with me through all the fix up and take me to the farm once I am released.”

The police spokesman said more details of the attack would be available in the next hour.

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