The tenancy drama ensued when a symptom of the woman's medical issues offended neighbours. (File)
The tenancy drama ensued when a symptom of the woman's medical issues offended neighbours. (File) NewsRegional

Urgent hearing to resolve 'foghorn' tenant case

AN ELDERLY woman's tenancy is on the line after neighbours complained about her "unusually" loud voice.

The Currimundi woman in her 70s had chronic medical conditions, including one which a judge said made her voice sound like a "foghorn".

But she may have closure by the end of the month, after facing a court battle with the Housing and Public Works department over her possible eviction.

On Tuesday, Queensland Court of Appeal President Walter Sofronoff said the housing department had asked the matter to be listed "urgently".

"I'm minded to expedite the hearing." Justice Sofronoff added.

He told lawyers for both sides to prepare for a hearing on April 30.

Previously, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard the woman had an involuntary vocal cord condition, resulting in a "a loud penetrating voice" that caused angst for some neighbours.

She also had paranoid schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The housing provider persuaded QCAT to terminate the tenancy on "objectionable behaviour grounds" but the woman's lawyer appealed.

A lawyer for the woman said the department could take noise mitigation steps or move her somewhere she would not disturb neighbours.

Justice Tim Carmody of QCAT Appeals dismissed that appeal.

But lawyers acting for the woman then went to the Queensland Court of Appeal.

And just one day before the housing provider was expected to apply for a warrant letting police enter the home, the case took another turn.

Justice Philip McMurdo made an order on March 27 meaning the housing department could not apply for a warrant of possession to be issued for the woman's unit. -NewsRegional

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