Australia’s horrific ‘paedophile paradise’

THREE men who claim they were sexually abused by staff at the infamous Daruk Training School have broken their silence after 40 years, revealing horror details about the 'paedophile paradise' that masked as a reputable boys home.

NSW Police's Strike Force Eckersley has been undergoing a year long investigation into a series of allegations from the Government run home, near Windsor - which from the 1960s to the 80s held boys aged 10 to 16 - following referrals from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Victims of the abuse have kept quiet about what they went through until now, revealing their terrifying ordeals on 60 Minutes.

Daruk Training School. Picture: State Library of NSW
Daruk Training School. Picture: State Library of NSW

They speak of the physical and sexual abuse they say they suffered at the boys home, which included verbal intimidation, sexual assault and an illegally performed botched circumcision.

Gordon Parsons, who was 12 when he was sent to Daruk, said he hasn't been able to have an 'adult sexual life' because of a dodgy circumcision he was given at the home.

He says he was sexually assaulted by medical officer, John Munger.

"I was terrified. Completely terrified. He told me to shut my mouth. Whatever I said he said nobody would believe," Parsons told the program.

"I said, 'Mr Munger I don't wanna do this anymore.' I said no."

Mr Parsons said each time he complained he was thrown into an isolation cell.

He said Mr Munger, who reportedly wasn't qualified to perform the procedure, out of nowhere demanded he circumcise him, saying he had "permission".

"All of a sudden, I woke up, it was just phenomenal because of the pain. Blood was going everywhere," Mr Parsons said.

He claimed a senior figure at the school ignored his and other victim's cries for help at the time.

"He (the senior figure) did nothing to protect us. He was ... the people looking after us, you know, his job was to oversee and it just never happened," Mr Parsons said.

Mr Parsons, along with two other victims, collectively pleaded for the senior figure to come forward, explain what happened and apologise for his failures as their carer.

Carl Orme, who was 14 when he attended Daruk, revealed he was beaten by welfare officer, Robert Barracluff, during his time at Daruk.

"He used to punch me, slap me across the side of my head. One time, he also squeezed my private areas," he said.

"I told him (the senior figure) everything, and he just wasn't interested. He didn't care.

"He just said 'you're full of crap.'"

It comes as The Australian reported on Saturday detectives had made an arrest last week linked to their investigations, and more arrests are imminent.

"We're talking about a number of different offenders and a number of different offences," said ­Detective Sergeant Ben Hallam, the officer in charge of the investigation.

"Our focus is on sexual abuse, which ranges from ­indecent assaults to quite horrific sexual assaults."

Daruk Training School. Picture: State Library of NSW
Daruk Training School. Picture: State Library of NSW

Police have previously looked into allegations, but the current investigation began early last year.

Most alleged victims at Daruk were aged from 10 to 14.

Strike Force Eckersley now has eight detectives based at ­Nepean Police Area Command in Sydney's west, who have combed through more than 100,000 pages of archived material from a range of departments.

"It's not as simplistic as finding a list of names," Sergeant Hallam told the publication.

"There are hospital records, classes, detention records, from the Education Department, court records, Family and Community Services … Some went to multiple institutions, there are records of families."

The school's draconian regime was exposed in the child sex abuse royal commission.

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