WHILE warm weather continues in the rest of the country, video has emerged of falling snow in Tasmania this week.

Great Lake Hotel owner Kaylee Hattinger recorded the spectacle on Tuesday morning at 9am, sharing the video to the hotel's Facebook page.

"Once our customers got up and started wandering around they were as excited as I was," Ms Hattinger said. 

The Great Lake Hotel is about 1000m above sea level in Miena, a small lakeside town in the Central Highlands of Tasmania.

Ms Hattinger said she had been expecting snow, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting 1100mm, and was "keeping an ear out for it".

"I have lived up here for 11 years and it has snowed at least once every February," she said.

"It's really quiet when it starts, you hear rain and then small hail first."

She noticed snow falling at about 5.40am in the morning.   "I waited in anticipation for it to get light enough, then kept watch on our cctv for it to start snowing again."

The average minimum temperature for Miena in February is 5.5 degrees, and its average maximum temperature is 16.3 degrees. 

Meanwhile, maximum temperatures along the Queensland coast are ranging from the low to high 30s, with temperatures up to 41 degrees in Longreach today.    New South Wales are feeling more comfortable maximum temperatures in the mid-20s on the coast and mid-30s inland. 

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