VIDEO: Couple heartbroken after killer dogs maul pets

Theresa and Mark Lewis, pictured with her cat Striker, are upset after her cats Molly and Abbey were mauled to death by two bull arab dogs in the area.
Theresa and Mark Lewis, pictured with her cat Striker, are upset after her cats Molly and Abbey were mauled to death by two bull arab dogs in the area. Lisa Benoit

WHEN Mark Lewis woke up last Saturday he didn't expect to see his beloved cat mauled to death in his front yard.

It was after chasing two bull arab dogs out of his Allenstown yard he stumbled upon the family cat Molly, who was lifeless.

It's not the first time Mark, and his wife Theresa, have had trouble with the dogs, their 15-year-old cat Abbey was killed by the same dogs in December.

"They're pulling (the cats) apart for fun because they're hunting dogs, they're bull arabs," Mark said.

The Allenstown couple are not only concerned about their older 19-year-old cat, but worried about the dogs potentially hurting other animals or even worse, a child.

"What's going to happen when our granddaughter is here every now and then," Mark said.

"(They should be) classed as a vicious dog. I don't want to see an animal killed but they could be brought out to a property or something."

Mark said they might have to keep their older cat in the house 24 hours a day so it wasn't the "next victim".

Mark said Rockhampton Regional Council had been out on both occasions when their cats were killed, but were told the incidents were still under investigation.

"How is it that our pain more or less means nothing, and these dogs are left to stay on the property they are breaking out of," Theresa said.

Council CEO Evan Pardon said they were sad to hear about the loss of Mr and Mrs Lewis' pet.

"There were critical gaps in the evidence provided to council from the first attack in December last year," Mr Pardon said.

"We are now gathering information again for the attack that occurred on Saturday.

"Council has to be certain that enough evidence is provided before declaring a dangerous animal."




It was primarily bred for wild boar hunting purposes

Stands at a height of around 25-27 inches

They need to be supervised as they are capable of attacking a large number of sheep or other medium-sized animals. To avoid any such problems, it is essential for pet owners to ensure the training for Bull Arab puppies begins at an early age.

Temperament-wise, they are kind, independent and fairly active.

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