Damian Ian Ras, 29, will serve 12 months for assault.
Damian Ian Ras, 29, will serve 12 months for assault. Contributed

Violent crim beats up sister, does nudie run, goes to jail

HE WAS sent to jail in 2013 to mend his ways after a violent attack, but six months after he got out he attacked his sister.

Damian Ian Ras, 29, turned up at his mother's home at 4.45am, yelling abuse and accusing his mother and sister of "calling the f***ing cops" on him.

He yelled at his sister, pushed her with enough force to knock her to the floor and later pulled her hair.

Yesterday in Maroochydore Magistrates Court Ras pleaded guilty to common assault, as well as two counts of committing public nuisance in the vicinity of licensed premises and contravening a police direction.

Police prosecution legal officer Beth Kennedy said Ras had committed the public nuisance offences while on bail for the assault on his sister.

She said he ran into patrons, unintentionally knocking a woman to the ground, at Ocean St bar Old Soul in December last year, and in March got into hot water over another night-spot incident.

"The defendant took his clothes off and performed a nudie run around a bar in Mooloolaba," she said.

"He then gave police a false name an an attempt to avoid the warrant that was out for his arrest."

Solicitor Nichale Bool said Ras had a turbulent past with his family and unresolved issues were brought up during an argument on the night of the attack.

But Magistrate Rod Madsen said Ras was lucky he was not facing more serious charges, and his previous prison sentence for violent crimes did not seem to have deterred his aggressive behaviour.

"It's entirely lost on me as to why Mr Ras thinks he can behave in such a way," he said.

"It just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever, it probably makes little sense to him."

At the time of the assault Ras was serving a suspended sentence for a serious attack he and three others perpetrated to get their victim's PIN number so they could withdraw cash from an ATM and buy drugs.

Their victim was punched and kicked repeatedly, tied up and threatened with a knife and choked until he was unconscious.

Mr Madsen sentenced Ras to 12 months in prison. He has been in custody since May and will be released on parole on August 24.

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