Violet Barben's beloved dog Honey at her funeral on Monday.
Violet Barben's beloved dog Honey at her funeral on Monday. Brett Wortman

Honey there for her best friend

BELOVED dog Honey roamed freely at a service to farewell her owner Violet Barben in Caloundra yesterday.

The little dog provided solace and comfort to those mourning the tragic loss of the 83-year-old woman who had a strong affinity with family and a love of her garden.

Vi, as she was affectionately known, died in Royal Brisbane Hospital early on August 27, two days after she was hit by a car driven by an 87-year-old woman outside her Minyama home.

Mrs Barben was completing her daily four-kilometre walk, pushing Honey in her walker, when the accident happened.

It was a situation her granddaughter Krissie Barben said she had feared from a young age.

She recalled a scare when she scoured the streets with her late grandfather Bill, who died five years ago, after her Nan failed to return home from a walk by 6.30pm.

"We found her safe and sound sharing a glass of wine and trading gardening tips with a friend," Ms Barben said.

"But I think I always knew she would be stolen from me during one of those afternoon walks."

Ms Barben recalled fond childhood memories of school holidays at her Nan's house.

"Whenever I dared to run through her garden to pick flowers or sneak up on her with a hose, she would chase after me giggling the whole way until I would run into the canal, where I knew she could never reach me because she couldn't swim," she said.

"She would wait for me on the dock with a towel and a big smile on her face.

"Nan had the ability to live in the moment. She was such a young spirit, even at 83 years young. That was her legacy to me."

Granddaughter Danielle Botfield said family was everything to her Nan. "She was there when all of my four children were born and I had never seen her smile so much as when she was holding one of her great grandchildren,"; she said.

Guests were decked out in bright colours and sported freshly cut flower brooches as a means of celebrating the life of their Vi rather than dwelling on the tragic circumstances that took her from them.

Mrs Barben is survived by her children Richard and Cherry, grandchildren Krissie, Danni and Luke, and her seven great grandchildren.

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