PICTURESQUE: Some of the indigenous artwork that can be viewed along the Carnarvon Great Walk.
PICTURESQUE: Some of the indigenous artwork that can be viewed along the Carnarvon Great Walk. Contributed

Walk one of the greats

ASK someone about Great Walks and they will probably be able to tell you one from New Zealand or Tasmania.

But did you know there are 10 spectacular Great Walks right here in Queensland, in your own backyard?

National Trust national partnerships manager Luke Edwards does and he wants to show them to the world.

It's all part of the National Trust's Q10 Challenge which aims to showcase the amazing diversity of Queensland's national parks.

One of the walks Mr Edwards is excited about is the Carnarvon Great Walk, found right here in the Central Highlands in Carnarvon National Park.

"It's our human instinct to be outdoors),” Mr Edwards said. "We're building cities, concrete jungles, small apartments and there's a big increase in mental health issues across the country and issues arise with that and doctors are prescribing nature and outdoor activity (to help.

"What better way to do it then going to one of Queensland's great walks and either doing it as a day walk or challenging yourself to achieve the whole thing.”

Mr Edwards said the Carnarvon National Park was "so different”.

"It's outback, it's rural. It's that Central Queensland hospitality - the real people, the whole area - Injune, Roma, in the way through Moura. You get to see a few parts of the state that you probably haven't got out and seen before.”

CEO for tourism and development organisation Capricorn Enterprise Mary Carroll said Carnarvon Gorge and its Great Walk was an "exceptional experience”.

"Certainly visitors are more and more looking for natural experiences and nature-based tourism is growing globally,” Ms Carroll said.

"Carnarvon Gorge is such an exceptional natural attraction, not just in Queensland, but Australia.

"It's really Australia's answer to some of the most magnificent gorges around the world.”

Ms Carroll said Carnarvon Gorge appealed to walkers, bird watchers and people who wanted to get back to nature.

  • This month, the National Trust is highlighting Great Walks in Queensland. For more information, visit

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