Over the top: Adam and Lisa are not fans of this retro pattern.
Over the top: Adam and Lisa are not fans of this retro pattern.

Wallpaper madness too much for Adam and Lisa

BE CAREFUL what you wish for.

Or in the case of House Rules be careful what you ask for.

Melbourne homeowners Adam and Lisa got more than they bargained for in last night's unveiling of their revamped home on Seven's reality show.

The couple asked their fellow contestants to "glam up" their home with wallpaper and mirrors and the result was a mish-mash of colours and patterns.

"We could have been a bit more specific on the wallpaper," Adam said.

"Everyone does want to follow the house rules, but they always want to try to shine in their own way."

Perth couple Carole and Russell copped the worst of the criticism for their controversial choice of wallpaper in the dining room, which clashed the rest of the house.

"The bottle top wallpaper is an acquired taste," Lisa said.

"If we had a home a bit more retro in style it would suit, but it will grow on us. We did ask for 'wow'."

Carole and Russell earned the lowest score out of the five teams after their bathroom, with its bold art deco tiles and screened in toilet, also missed the mark.

"I'm not a massive fan of the feature tiles, but Lisa loves the tiles so we're split on that one," Adam said.

"I definitely don't like the gas trap they built around the toilet, but I can understand what they were trying to do."

Bomber and Mel's winning kitchen.
Bomber and Mel's winning kitchen.

Queenslanders Maddi and Lloyd took the glam too far in their girly master bedroom and ensuite.

"I had to put on my princess outfit the first time I stepped in there," Adam said.

"I liked the colour they painted the room but that's where it stopped."

The white ceiling canopy, constructed out of curtains and a feature light, was even too girly for Lisa.

"It's a bit claustrophobic… a bit too girly for me," Lisa said.

"But it's a great layout. We obviously didn't have a walk-in robe before and the ensuite is a great addition."

While they're not allowed to change anything in the house while the show is airing, Adam and Lisa said they would be making a few changes.

"There might be some wallpaper that's going to be coming down," Adam said.

"We feel blessed with what we've ended up with. The good thing with strangers doing it is that every person has their own idea and the things they've done we probably wouldn't have thought of. Overall it's very good."

The couple believes Bomber and Mel are now their biggest competition.

"After the kitchen (they did) we thought 'wow'," Adam said.

The next house up for renovation belongs to controversial Tasmanian team Brooke and Grant, who share their two-and-a-half-bedroom house with their seven children.

House Rules airs Sundays at 6.30pm and Mondays to Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7.


House Rules scores

Bomber and Mel (SA): 23

Maddi and Lloyd (Qld): 22

Candy and Ryan (NSW): 19

Brooke and Grant (TAS): 16

Carole and Russell (WA): 16

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