Ware's sensing a breakthrough

Emerald researcher Ken Ware with his Tensegirty Model, which helped him garner the support of an esteemed American university professor.
Emerald researcher Ken Ware with his Tensegirty Model, which helped him garner the support of an esteemed American university professor.

IT might not look like much, but this match-stick model played a key role in getting Ken Ware's foot in the door at one of the largest tertiary institutions in America.

The Emerald scientist's ground-breaking research into the dynamics of the human nervous system has taken him to all corners of the globe for presentations and lectures on his findings.

His studies have been so intriguing the Arizona State University - which is home to more undergraduate students than anywhere in the US - now wants to take it one step further.

Heading the charge for further tests into Ware's research is Dr Polemnia Amazeen, the Associate Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University.

It was with the help of Ware's Tensegirty Model (pictured) that the local scientist originally caught the attention of Dr Amazeen.

Last month the university sent delegates to Emerald on a fact finding mission to delve further into Ware's research.

Now he has been allocated a specially designed facility at the university to continue tests on site in America.

"We're basically going to duplicate the (facility) set-up like we've got here in Emerald," Ware said.

"It's better than running back and forth from here."

The new partnership is a big coup for Ware's research, with such a relationship virtually unheard of in Ware's field of research.

"These are people who thought they had seen everything," he said.

"For any organisation to have such collaboration is a pretty significant event but to have an individual with no formal qualifications do it, is even more remarkable."

The struggle to garner support on home soil has been an ongoing battle for Ware.

While he still holds hope that a local partnership may be formed sometime in the future, in the short-term the outlook appeared bleak.

"There was nobody in Australia that was helping me out with it," Ware said.

"I'd like it if CQUniversity would get involved."

However, Ware stressed, while the wheels may be in motion the process of further development was lengthy and many findings may not be known for years to come.

"It's going to be June before we're even set up in America," he said.

"There are still a lot of years ahead."

Dr Amazeen will touch down in Emerald early next year to assist with the preliminary developments of Ware's new venture.

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