Was it a crocodile or a bit of driftwood in the Mary River?

A CROCODILE or a bit of driftwood?

That was what wildlife officers were left wondering after a recent report of a crocodile in the Mary River.

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said wildlife officers had been unable to verify a crocodile sighting that was reported by a member of the public on October 5.

"The member of the public reported seeing a crocodile, estimated to be three metres in length, in the Mary River as he was driving over the Henry Palmer Bridge," the spokeswoman said.

"Wildlife officers investigated and determined that there was considerable debris in the river at the time following recent rains.

"As the driver also reported that the observation was made over a matter of seconds while travelling at around 80km/h per hour, it is possible that this was not a crocodile sighting on this occasion.

"Nonetheless, wildlife officers are continuing to monitor the Mary River for signs of crocodile activity."

The spokeswoman said all reported crocodile sightings were investigated and it was important for people to obey warning signs, supervise children near the river and be aware that crocodiles also swim in the ocean.

Last month a crocodile sighting was reported near Tinana Creek, with wildlife officers undertaking a spotlight survey of the area between the Lamington Bridge and Brothers Island to search for the reptile.

The wildlife officers found no sign of the crocodile.

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