Greg Rigby

WATCH: Man in a kayak catches 5ft tiger shark off Coast

A MAN in a kayak has caught a five foot tiger shark while fishing off Caloundra.

Greg Rigby, a Sunshine Coast based photographer, was fishing for sweetlip on Monday when the shark took his line.

Mr Rigby said it took about 20 minutes to get it to the kayak "after being towed around and due to its size."

"I decided to cut the line rather then attempt to get it on to the kayak," Mr Rigby said.

He later posted a video compilation of footage of the shark on Facebook.

And in case you haven't seen enough of the tiger from today here is a quick video compilation of the footage :)

Posted by Greg Rigby on Monday, October 5, 2015


An avid kayak fisherman, Mr Rigby said this was the first tiger shark he's seen and caught.

"I have caught smaller reef sharks before but this is the biggest. They aren't all that common to see and I was a bit surprised at how calm it was when it came up to the kayak."

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