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EACH day, reporters from across the APN group upload a variety of videos that showcase life from across regional Queensland and New South Wales.

According to our records, our readers love videos of terrible driving.

A frustrated driving instructor from Rockhampton has made an annotated video of bad driving from only half-an-hour's worth of dash cam footage.

As this video from Gympie last year shows, a lot of people don't know how to properly indicate on a roundabout.

A four-wheel drive driver's dash cam captured a very close call with an impatient overtaker near Kingaroy. Just after narrowly avoiding a head-on collision his wife asks him, "why didn't you ****ing bloody do something instead of keeping going?"

And from the bad, we move onto the really good - but possibly dangerous - driving in the outback. The next video shows a Porsche hitting 350km on some Northern Territory roads where drivers are instructed to drive to conditions.


Traffic, however, came to a standstill in Thailand when a mob of ducks moved swiftly through the streets.

On the subject of mobs, this group of knitting nannas - united in their opposition to CSG mining - is not going anywhere despite the request to move on by police.

"It's the cornerstone of our democracy that if the laws aren't just, that we're allowed to protest," one knitting nanna told Lismore's Northern Star.

On a reader poll, almost 90% of responses said if 'we aren't vigilant it will be in place before we know it'.

The following video shows scenes from a protest in September last year on the Sunshine Coast that is getting some more attention.

A mosque in Toowoomba has had its second suspicious fire this year.

Of course it was a shock," Prof Khan said, "what happened in January and now this."

Meanwhile, video of a Sydney woman coming to the defense of a Muslim couple on a train is also gaining traction online.

"Have some respect. If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything," Stacey Eden tells the passenger.

And the comments were largely supportive of Stacey, with one commenter writing: "The true Australian spirit is to look out for each other and to staunchly defend the rights of those who can't stand up for themselves."

And in NSW, the parents of missing child William Tyrrell have spoken out for the first time in an emotional plea for information into their son's disappearance.

UPDATE: Friend finds man badly hurt after quad bike crash

Premium Content UPDATE: Friend finds man badly hurt after quad bike crash

The man sustained serious head and spinal injuries in the overnight crash.

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Premium Content Mining contributes $19b to Mackay, Coalfields economy

NUMBERS CRUNCHED: Record 33 per cent resources growth for region.

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