A SHOCKING video shows a Toowoomba man almost being wiped out by a car as he cycled to work.

Kerwin Ross was cycling near Lake Annand Park when the incident occurred. 

Mr Ross has cameras on the front and back of his bike which caught the moment a black VW beetle comes into frame and appears to clip him.

Mr Ross said the car didn't touch him but was as close at it could get.

In his Facebook post where he shares the incident he says "this video could have filmed my death!"

"On the roads I find most people are very courteous of cyclists but every now and then you get some nutter," he said.

"Perhaps they didn't see me or misjudged how much room to allow.

"It sounds and looks liked the car clipped me but it didn't. It completely freaked me out though, the thought of what could have happened is terrifying."

The Queensland Government introduced new laws stating that motorists must be a minimum of one metre when passing a bicycle rider in a 60kmh or less speed zone and 1.5m where the speed limit is more than 60kmh.

Mr Ross said he had positive experiences on the roads, especially since the one metre rule was enforced, but he wanted to remind motorists to be aware of the cyclists they share the road with.

"Since my video went a little viral on Facebook, a lot of people have said the one meter rule isn't being enforced or taken seriously," he said.

"I know there are plenty of options to ride on the footpath but I want to ride on the road to maintain my fitness.

"I want to ride at a decent pace on the road and I know that risks come with playing with the big guys.

"Riding on the footpath also poses risks, there are people walking along with children or pets and people pulling out of driveways.

"Although most people are courteous, everyone needs to be aware of the new rules."

Mr Ross also visited the Toowoomba Police Station with the video footage in hopes the driver could be penalised.

He said he visited about half a dozen times and nothing came from it.

"I was told if the driver can't be identified then the court system doesn't work in my favour.

"Many riders now have cameras on their bikes and I think that is something the public needs to know about.

"If they do something stupid, we may catch it on camera and there may be repercussions."

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