Water disruption

IN the next few weeks, the Central Highlands Regional Council will be undertaking essential construction and repair works at some of its water treatment plants.

During this time, it is important that residents conserve water by not using sprinklers, turning off automated watering devices and limiting their use to essential requirements such as drinking and toilet flushing.

So let your car go dirty for a week, turn off the sprinklers and hoses, and let the lawn soak up the rain.

Inside the house it will also help to fill the washing machine and dishwasher before using them, and take shorter showers.

It's probably a good time to fix any dripping taps as they can waste a lot of water too.

The affected communities and dates are: Sapphire and Rubyvale, Oct

ober 6 and 7, Black

water and Bluff, October 8 and 9, and Emerald, October 3 to 17.

Any concerns should be directed to manager of water utilities Danniel Pymble on 1300 242 686.

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