We don't recommend this for boat transport....

A motorist carried a boat in the back of a van while driving on Vanderlin Dr in Darwin.
A motorist carried a boat in the back of a van while driving on Vanderlin Dr in Darwin.

A FISHING boat would usually be towed on a trailer, but this inventive motorist found a way to pack his dinghy tightly into their van.

Bemused Tiwi resident Michelle McCann was in a car with her two daughters Sydney and Kimberley-Rose Taylor-Turley, aged 17 and 15, when they came across the van along Vanderlin Dr in the Northern Territory on Monday.

The family were driving back from Kormilda College when Ms McCann saw the dinghy's bow pointing out the back of the van.

Its boot door was wide open and the boat appeared to be unrestrained.

Ms McCann first thought the boat would fly out the back of the van if the motorist was forced to brake suddenly.

"I said look, look, look at the van. There's a boat inside it," she said.

Ms McCann said the van was not the first bizarre seen she has come across on Top End roads.

"Being in Darwin I've seen some crazy things. I've seen people move furniture on iddy-biddy cars," she said.

An NT Police spokesman said police recommended motorists ensured large objects were transported correctly.

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