Tourism Fraser Coast chief Damien Massingham greets a humpback.
Tourism Fraser Coast chief Damien Massingham greets a humpback. Peter Lynch

Whale's giant interest

HE HAS spent the better part of the past decade telling the world that Hervey Bay is the best place on the planet to see whales and this week the region's tourism chief was reminded why.

Fraser Coast Tourism general manager Damien Massingham had the incredible experience of interacting with a humpback more than twice the size of his 6.5m boat on Thursday.

He was among a group of whale watching operators and camera crews who were filming footage for future tourism campaigns.

The team couldn't have picked a better day.

The sun was shining, the skies were blue, the water was clear and no less than 50 whales had come out to play.

One in particular wanted to make friends, swimming under the boat, nudging it and popping its head up to "say hello".

The moment was captured by Peter Lynch who was taking in the amazing experience from his boat, the Blue Dolphin.

This year's tourism campaign has featured a "Harvey and the Humpbacks live in Hervey Bay" promotion.

Mr Massingham said he had decided the whale he got close to was "definitely Harvey" because the marine mammal had "real personality traits".

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