WET weather or sun, whatever your preference, Toowoomba has it all this weekend.
WET weather or sun, whatever your preference, Toowoomba has it all this weekend. Matthew Purcell

What residents can expect from this weekend's weather

TOOWOOMBA'S wet weather will clear in time for the weekend. However the Bureau of Meteorology said storms could return Sunday night.

By 9am this morning, Toowoomba had recorded 5.8mm of rainfall in 48 hours.

"Easterly winds are sweeping the state," BOM meteorologist Rick Threlfall said.

"They carry moisture with them, which is why we have seen increased cloud over Toowoomba.

"Tomorrow there could still be one or two showers, especially in the afternoon, but after that we should be in the clear."

Mr Threlfall said the weekend weather would bring the sun, accented by a potential afternoon storm.

"Over the weekend it should be fine and mostly sunny," he said.

"We do however see an upper trough system increasing instability over the state.

"There is a 30 per cent chance of an afternoon storm or shower on Sunday afternoon."

Mr Threlfall also added that the mercury would start to rise midway through next week.

"There is a chance of showers on Monday, but from there it will start to heat up," he said.

"It will get back up to around 34 degrees mid-week in Toowoomba."

Residents with afternoon activities planned for the weekend are advised to check the BOM website for weather updates.

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