LISTEN: RAAF jets rumble and roar over Ipswich

IT LASTED for about 10 minutes.

Three took off first then a stream of jet fighters followed as the noise rang out across the city.

This morning 20 Hornets took off from the Amberley base.

Apart from the noise, only the flickering of red lights was visible in the dark.

The mass take-off was a mix of jets from 2 Operational Conversion Unit and Super Hornets from Amberley's 1 Squadron.

They're headed to 'raid' Williamtown air force base just outside of Newcastle as part of a training exercise.

The mass take-off event happens once every two years at Amberley.

>>'Mass take-off will be spectacular': Hornets to buzz Ipswich

Wing Commander Tim Main, from the Air Warfare Centre at Williamtown in New South Wales, said the aircraft would follow a standard flight plan between Amberley and Evans Head.

Best I could get.
Best I could get. Martin Shaw

Yesterday, Wing Commander Main said it would be fantastic to watch.

"… They will not see this in Amberley very often, the aircraft will leave with about one minute separation between pairs, enough to ensure a safe air traffic control window, before climbing to the normal operating altitude of 10-30,000 feet (8-12,000 metres)."

"The aircraft have been deployed on Operation Diamond Storm, in the Northern Territory, for the last month, and this is the last hurrah for the course," Wing Commander Main said.

A training course for Air Warfare Instructors - the first ever by the RAAF - Operation Diamond Strike included an integrated warfare team of Fighter Combat Instructors, Airspace Battle Managers, Fighter Intelligence Instructors and Fighter Combat Controllers with elements being based on ground and airborne platforms which also included the Heron unmanned aerial system.

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