BACK ONLINE: The Emerald radar is back online after being down due to a cable fault for the past few days. Photo: File
BACK ONLINE: The Emerald radar is back online after being down due to a cable fault for the past few days. Photo: File

Rain and warm weather ahead

WHILE we have had clear, sunny skies and warmer days over the past few weeks, it is set to change this weekend with a spurt of miserable weather.

Rain will develop across the Central Highlands on Friday with some heavy localised falls before gradually clearing on Sunday.

A little relief is also in store after the chilly temperatures experienced during the nights and early mornings, Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster Michael Marrinan said yesterday.

“Overnight temperatures will increase to normal after the below-average temperatures we have seen over the past few nights,” he said.

Mr Marrinan said Emerald could expect some south-east to easterly winds over the weekend, along with some pretty average conditions.

“We can expect to see 20mm falls through the Central Highlands, which are pretty significant sort of falls for this time of the year,” he said.

“It’s definitely not a good idea to head out on the water this weekend, even on the land it will be pretty miserable weather.”

Thankfully there are no warnings for the area.

“There will be nothing of that nature, no warnings are present for localised river systems,” he said.

Mr Marrinan said with July’s minimum average temperature sitting at 8.9 degrees, the coolest recorded temperature for this month was last Thursday at 4.5 degrees.

Unfortunately, during what felt like some of our coldest days, the Emerald radar was offline, but a BOM spokeswoman said the radar would be back online last night.

“It was out of service due to a Telstra cable fault and we have our engineers working on the problem,” she said yesterday.

Although it may have felt like record-low temperatures over the past few days, the spokeswoman said the record for the lowest temperature in Emerald was on July 4, 1899, at minus 5.6 degrees.

Last month the lowest recorded temperature was 3.4 degrees on the 19th.

“Your temperatures in Emerald are so far well below average, it has been quite a cool spell,” Mr Marrinan said.

But don’t get too excited about the warmer temperatures hanging around over the next week, as Mr Marrinan said there would more than likely be another cold snap before Central Highlanders will be able to welcome Spring.

Fun Day to help our farmers

Fun Day to help our farmers

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Central Highlands remain dry

Central Highlands remain dry

No rain in sight for Central Highlands.

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Impact on local health services

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