Who is in the 2016 CHRC race?

THE local government race for election in March 2016 has started, and local Central Highlands councillors are busy making the decision whether they are going to run again or not.    

But before any of the councillors take on the ballot box next year, we asked each of them four questions:

  1. Are you running? For councillor or for mayor?
  2. Why/why not?
  3. Highlight of this term?
  4. Next priority for council?

See their answers below.

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Of the nine councillors (including Mayor Peter Maguire), six have committed to run again, two have said they definitely will not, and one is still undecided.    

However, it is the undecided councillor, Councillor Kevin Pickersgill, who is set to make waves in the lead up to the election.   

Cr Pickersgill said he was unsure if he would run again or not, but did make some loud pronouncements on his view of what the community needs.  

"One area that needs to be really, really strong in the council - the mayor or mayoress, and the CEO," Cr Pickersgill said.  

"Now in my opinion - and I'm not saying for one minute that it's not strong now - but if I felt that the right person was not going to come into that position… I would consider running for mayor.  

"That person would need to be passionate about the shire, have a strong business sense, and must be 100% compatible with the CEO.   

"If I felt that person - with Mayor Maguire retiring - if I felt that that option wasn't going to be filled with the type of person we need as a community, I would consider running for mayor."    

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