UPDATE: Toowoomba residents have woken up to a freezing morning.

The temperature dropped to 4.3 degrees at 5.30am but the windchill is making it much colder.

At 2.30am the apparent temperature dropped to -0.4 degrees.

As of 5.30am the windchill made it feel like -1.4 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast the Garden City will be windy and cold today and reach a maximum of 11 degrees.


EARLIER: If you have a sick day available, or an excuse not to get out of bed, tomorrow is the day to use it! It's going to be absolutely miserable in Toowoomba.

With below freezing temperatures and harsh winds, there is a chance it could be the most miserable day of the year.

In the last few weeks Toowoomba has had its fair share of grey gloomy days, but tomorrow is set to be unbearable.

Mother Nature is predicted to serve up misty rain, icy winds and plummeting temperatures.

Although Toowoomba's temperature should sit between four and 11 degrees, the apparent temperature isn't expected to get above zero.

Strong westerly winds reaching up to 45kmh are expected throughout the Darling Downs and Granite Belt and could see apparent temperatures fall to as low as minus 15 degrees.

Higgins Storm Chasing has predicted with the "significant cold cored upper low" snow is possible across the region today, while sleet is likely.

Team member Jeff Higgins said with the freezing temperatures across most of the region he had high hopes for snow.  

"I know one thing for sure and certain that it is going to be bitterly cold," he said. 

The miserable weather is being caused by a high over the Tasman Sea which is moving steadily eastwards, extending a weakening ridge along the east coast of Queensland.   

Another large high developing over the Great Australian Bight will induce another bout of cool and dry air across most of the state this week following the passage of the surface trough.

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