IN HAPPIER TIMES: Melissa and Scott Englart. A court has found Mrs Englart was of unsound mind when she killed her husband.
IN HAPPIER TIMES: Melissa and Scott Englart. A court has found Mrs Englart was of unsound mind when she killed her husband.

Wife has murder charge dropped

A MURDER charge against Melissa Anne Englart has been dropped after a court found she was of unsound mind when she slit her husband's throat in front of their children at her Cabarlah home.

Scott Richard Englart, 33, had recently separated from his wife and was living with his parents in Wilsonton. Their four children were living with their mother at her Goulds Rd home.

Scott went to visit his wife and their four young children, then aged seven, six, four and one, on the morning of Monday March 14, last year. Englart, then 36, asked him to babysit their two youngest children while she went shopping.

Her shopping list included poison from a hardware store and a Subway sandwich which she would drug.

She returned home and mixed the poison into a drink of Coke, but she taste-tested the liquid and decided not to give it to her husband.

Instead Englart, who was a nurse at Toowoomba Hospital, crushed high-strength painkiller tablets and put them in Scott's sandwich.

He ate some but not all of the sandwich and Englart asked him to sharpen a 30cm knife.

She offered to give Scott a neck massage while he was sitting at the kitchen table with their two youngest children.

She began massaging his neck before she grabbed the large knife, pulled his head backward and slit his throat.

Scott fell to the ground, but was not dead as Englart had expected, and he tried to grab the knife.

Englart told police she took the knife from him and started to "hack" into the right side of his neck so it would keep bleeding. She pulled his head up so he would bleed quicker.

She showered and cleaned up the mess before taking the two youngest children, who had just witnessed their father's death, for a drive to dump his body in bushland on Bain Rd, Ravensbourne.

Englart later told police she dumped bloodied towels and her clothes at the Geham tip.

Scott's father, Richard, reported his son missing that night when he did not return.

Richard, his wife Maureen and their daughter Kerri went to Englart's home the next morning looking for Scott.

Englart told the family "**** off, I've killed him" and drove away with the four children as the family called police.

Englart dumped her children near their father's body and returned home, where she was arrested by police.

Englart admitted her crimes.

She was charged with murder, three counts of endangering children by exposure, and leaving a child for an unreasonable time.

Her case was finalised in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court yesterday.

Magistrate Damian Carroll said the court received a letter on Tuesday advising that the Mental Health Court had found Englart was of unsound mind at the time of the offences. All charges were discontinued.

Englart, now 38, is a patient at a high-security psychiatric ward at Wacol.

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