Wild driver gets 12 months in jail

AN IPSWICH man who slammed his car into a tree after a high-speed police chase has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Peter Robert Bond, 24, ran numerous red lights, made dangerous U-turns and almost hit other cars during a wild chase on December 22 last year.

After slamming into the tree, he fled on foot and the Ipswich police dog squad was called in to find him.

After he was arrested Bond admitted to taking the drug ecstasy on the night and said he had little recollection of the events.

The court heard the saga began when a witness saw Bond and other man trying to break into a home on the Gold Coast.

The quick-thinking neighbour called police and, when officers arrived, Bond and his co-accused had fled in two cars.

When the home owner and police searched the house, there was damage done to the laundry screen and garage window.

Other police were told to be on the look-out for the two suspect vehicles and the chase began, ending with Bond's vehicle striking a tree.

Bond faced Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving while demerit point disqualified.

He also pleaded guilty to attempting to enter a dwelling with intent to commit an indictable offence at night and possessing tainted property.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison to be released April 23 and was disqualified from driving for 15 months.

Bond's defence said his client had been experiencing family problems at the time but had plans for a bright future upon his release from prison.

The court heard Bond had a five-page criminal including nine convictions for burglary, four for unlawful use of a motor vehicle and two for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

"You say you're (trying) to move on but you're causing your family great distress by not being able to care for your children - where you are today is entirely your doing," Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said.

Matters of possessing a knife in a public place and burglary were adjourned for trial.

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