Sophie Monk won't find a 'normal' guy as Bachelorette

Sophie Monk in an ad for PETA.
Sophie Monk in an ad for PETA.

YEP, it didn't work out when she went out with E from Entourage (Kevin Connolly) or Benji Madden, so she's turning to the small screen to find "the one" on the upcoming series of The Bachelorette.

Monk, 37, says she is looking "someone down-to-earth" and "normal". And the place to find "someone down-to-earth" and "normal" is on TV, obviously.

At the 2017 Logies
At the 2017 Logies

The reaction to her Bachelorette casting was met with a collective WTF? on Sunday (including me), with some viewers saying on social media that it was a "sick joke", they were "shocked" and asking, "wait, what?".

"My mum suggested it," Monk said. "She's like, 'You should do that if you can't meet anyone new in the industry'… and I was like, no," she told Karl Stevanovic at the Logies.

"And then I went, 'Actually, yeah, if I want to meet someone down-to-earth and normal, that's how I'd do it.'" (This is not how you do it.)

Perhaps she would have been better off dating on the internet.


Sophie Monk is the new Bachelorette.
Sophie Monk is the new Bachelorette.

Her Tinder bio could read: "Hi, I'm Sophie. I ONLY WANT TO DATE A NON-FAMOUS, NORMAL GUY, OKAY? MAYBE A TRADIE. A plumber or chippie like Tom Williams BUT NOT FAMOUS. Strictly down-to-earth. NO ASPIRING MODELS/SINGERS/INSTAGRAM CELEBS. JUST REGULAR BLOKES."

But is a televised love-search really going to help Sophie Monk find the right guy? Not just "a" guy, the right guy.

Unfortunately, many of the Bachelorette blokes last year seemed to be on the show for the wrong reasons (remember tall and buff Sam? He pretty much admitted to Georgia Love's face that he was there to kickstart his modelling career).

Monk has built a career as a radio host since returning to Australia from Hollywood, where she had small roles on Entourage and movies like Spring Breakdown and Spring Break '83. At one point last year, she was spruiking a Kardashians-style reality series.

Sophie Monk in 2002 after she had left pop group Bardot, ahead of Brisbane's Rumba festival.
Sophie Monk in 2002 after she had left pop group Bardot, ahead of Brisbane's Rumba festival. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

So is her stint on The Bachelorette just about getting her own TV show without really getting her own TV show? If it is, it could be a genius career move.

The Bachelorette struggled in the ratings last year and Ten is trying to lure viewers by casting someone who is recognisable. She's funny, endearing and charming TV talent. I get it. I'd rather watch Sophie Monk on TV than any of the contestants on other reality series.

"At least they background check them and stuff, so I know it won't be my stalkers," Monk said of her Bachelorette status (she has a point there). "It's the safest I can be."

It would be tough for someone with her public image to ensure a guy was into her for her, not trying to latch on for the sake of fame. But a reality TV series isn't going to filter out that.

A supplied photo of Sophie Monk on the red carpet at the world premiere of King Kong at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne, Saturday, June 15, 2013.
A supplied photo of Sophie Monk on the red carpet at the world premiere of King Kong at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne, Saturday, June 15, 2013. AAP Image/Supplied by Global Creatures, James Morgan

Much of Monk's love life has played out in the tabloids. There was her broken engagement to Benji Madden, who went on to marry her lookalike, Cameron Diaz.

And Sam Worthington, who Monk was seeing before he started dating Lara Bingle (though Monk said she "wasn't totally in love" with Worthington, she admitted "it really hurt" when his relationship with his now-wife Lara became public).

"I wanna be happy for them, but it really annoys me," Monk said in 2013. Any breakup is hard but one that is on the public record would hurt a zillion times more.

In announcing her Bachelorette casting, Monk revealed a toned down image, looking demure and natural, dressed in a canary yellow dress.

There were no hair extensions, plunging cleavage, bad fake tan, or over-the-top make-up. Gone was the Playboy Bunny image.

Instead, Sophie Monk seemed down-to-earth and normal, just like the guy she hopes to meet.

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